Help Put a Rapist Behind Bars: Updates

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ku-mediumFinal Update: We have succeeded! Robert Rice is requesting a new prosecutor to be appointed to the reopened Daisy Coleman case. That doesn’t have to stop you from generally annoying and boycotting people and businesses like Shelby Golightly, Sally Hayse’s Southpaws Clinic, and the fine folks at A&G Restaurant. They’re still monsters who uprooted the Coleman family. Apologies from each of them should be expected and encouraged.

This weekend the Kansas City Star wrote a very in-depth article on the rape of a 14 year old girl in Maryville, MO by 17 year old Matthew Barnett. Barnett and a friend gave the girl an alcoholic drink that made her pass out, raped her, and then left her unconsious out in the 22 degree cold in front of her house. Cause, you know, it’s not rape if you drive a girl home. The Maryville sheriff’s office apparently had a good case against Barnett, including video of the act and a confession. The attorney’s office, however, refused to prosecute. It’s speculated that the case was dropped because Barnett’s grandfather is a Missouri state representative. Peachy, right?

In the midst of all of this the entire town of Maryville turned on the family of the raped teen, forcing her newly widowed mother to leave town. This is the Steubenville nightmare all over again. And again we need to call attention to it until the perpetrators get their day in court. Let’s see what we can do, shall we?

Remember, whenever you contact a party involved with this case be civil. Do not threaten or curse. Just express yourself calmly and clearly. We’re the sane ones here. Let’s not give the other side ammunition to dismiss us.

A note about pages going down. This should be considered a success. It means that not only has our message been heard but that these people, these villains, cannot live a normal life because of the scrutiny we are subjecting them to.

Above is a picture of Matthew from his now closed Facebook page. Caption it as you wish and spread it around. I’m not putting up Matthew’s phone number, but here is his email address.

Matthew’s grandfather, Rex Barnett, is a former state rep and possibly the reason why he’s free. Contact him and let him know what you think about that.

Robert Rice is the Nodaway County prosecutor who dropped the case, calling it a case of “incorrigible teenagers” drinking alcohol and having sex and “doing what they wanted to do”. Let him know what you think of his boys-will-be-boys attitude. Here is his law firm’s Facebook Page. Update: Holy shit! The Nodaway County website is completely down! I’ve changed the link to the Google Cache version.

Heck! Why don’t you contact the mayor and the entire city council while you’re at it?

Update: One of my readers got a response from counsel person Glenn Jonagan which read: “Your harsh words do not bother me.” Glenn Jonagan’s disinterest in this tragedy makes him complicit. Lock verbal phasers AND photon torpedoes on this guy.

Still not enough? Here’s the Governor’s office.
Jordan Zech, pictured left (click for larger version), is the young man who taped the event. His charges were dropped as well. Here is his Facebook page. Awww, he’s in a relationship. How sweet. Update: Facebook page down! But you still have his picture to pass around. Make good use of it.

Matthew Barnett is attending the University of Central Missouri. Shouldn’t the student body know what’s walking their halls?

Matthew Barnett works at A&G Restaurant. The owners’ son was at Barnett’s house on the night in question and could be a witness. Let them know what you think of them employing a rapist.

Hey, look, Matthew Barnett’s sister’s Facebook page is still up. I’m sure she’ll relay any message you give her. And here is her Linkedin profile to boot. I wonder how her employer would feel about all this? A reader sends me her Pintrest page, which is always good for a chuckle. Update: Facebook page AND Linkedin profile gone. But the link to her employer is accurate and will surely stay up.

The victim’s mother was fired from her job at SouthPaws Veterinary Clinic by her boss, Sally Hayse who admitted to having ties to the Barnett family. Let her know how you feel about her involvement with such an upstanding clan.

Shelby Golightly did not go very lightly when she called Mitchell’s victims sluts on Twitter and Facebook. Her Facebook and Twitter are down, but her mom is still bitching about the morality of iPhone theft here. Tell her how proud she should be of her kid’s upbringing. Update: Mom couldn’t take the heat.

Kelsey Jackson, who goes to the University of Missouri and is a member of, OMG! Alpa Chi Omega, you guys!!!! WOOOOOO!!!!! wants us to know about domestic violence awareness month. She’s also posted on Twitter that if we really look at the evidence we’d know that Matt is not a rapist. Send her a message asking for an explanation of this hypocrisy.

49 thoughts on “Help Put a Rapist Behind Bars: Updates

  1. I think the racist and EVERYONE who helped him, along with everyone else that harassed the family, should sit in prison for a while and get some common sense. All of them are probably related to each other. Disgusting.

    • Same guy? Dui in Dec.
      Dec. 11
      Matthew B. Barnett, 17, Maryville, Mo., was arrested for driving while intoxicated, failure to drive on right half of roadway, and person less than 18 possessing cigarettes.

      And the university let him in?

  2. Please know the entire town of Maryville is not ok with this!!!! I AM NOT OK!!!! Daisy was my daughters friend and this was NOT OK! I hope justice will be served. Glad someone is taking a second look at this case!!!!

    • There is, of course, no way that an entire town could be culpable in this cover up and harassment. But being silent while your neighbors wreck the lives of two girls and your towns reputation is not acceptable. I hope you and other horrified Maryville citizens are very vocal about the rape and change minds of the people who don’t get it.

      • Mark, we agree. As Albert Einstein said, “The world is a dangerous place, not because of those that do evil, but because of those that look on and do nothing.”

  3. I think football should go away from Maryville. It’s not nearly enough – but it might wake people up. As to any arguments along the lines of – what about the good kids? I would ask – how good can they be if girls like Daisy continued to be raped. If you are a truly decent person on the football team – I’d hope you understand why I’m saying this. More people need to take responsibility for actively fighting rape culture.

  4. I know not all people in Maryville put football over sex crimes. However, collectively this town is guilty. The DA, the Sheriff, the connections to the state rep, the dismissal, burning down the home and covering it up. Firing the mom, harassing and bullying the “out of town family”. Nobody knows anything about that either. Just like anything else. Its sick. Its the culture. These ignorant bastards and good ol boy types see one of their HIGH SCHOOL players in trouble and then blame the family of the daughter who was left to freeze and pass out on a lawn. I know exactly the mentality, culture, and atmosphere that this city is protecting. From the long time residents, to the police, and city hall. Now, they must pay the price by exposure to the world, and Anonymous is not a group I would want all over my ass.

    Maryville needs to be educated that the ways of doing things in the past is not the way how modern societies treat 13 and 14 year old girls. ESPECIALLY when it is all about your small town high school football program. They should have filled city hall with protests until justice was served, but Maryville residents just went along with the cover up. These people are sick.

    Jerry Sandusky type of cover up. Sick! I will never step foot in that town ever again and am not afraid to share why with other people should they ever ask.

    • Not all Maryville residents knew about this. I just heard it yesterday and I’ve lived here 10 years. It’s horrendous and I’m disgusted with my town but I don’t think everyone in town is culpable for the treaent of this family or ignoring a case that wasn’t publicized. Trust me I would have been just as outraged then and hope these boys experience the law how it should be

  5. Gosh, those sites are dropping like flies!
    Some of the info can still be found via google (such as contact info for the despicable Mr Rice).
    Thank you for doing this, Mark. And thank you for urging civility. We’re better than that.

  6. I emailed all of the above that I could.

    To one of the city council members, Mr. Glenn Jonagan I wrote this:
    To all of you in Maryville who helped cover up the rape of a 14 year old little girl because the rapist was the grandson of “one of your own” –
    May you all know that Karma has a special way of returning the favor. May it be served on YOU and not your daughter or your granddaughter, but to YOU who failed that little girl by allowing the rapist Matt Barnett to go on with his life while that little girl is wallowing in the shame of being raped. To add insult on top of the injury your entire town turned on her and ran her family off. Shame on you!!! I can not even imagine how you can sleep at night.
    And to think that you were in education… I hate to think of what you turned a blind eye to while you were at the university. People who are leading and crafting our children’s minds should be trust worthy and you are NOT!

    Mr. Jonagan’s response was “Your harsh words do not bother me.”


    • Please feel free to contact me if you or anyone wants to brainstorm on how to keep pressure and outrage high and public!
      Carringtonhasasecret (at) gmail (dot) com
      I found your email to be excellent and a great way to start spreading our outrage.
      MOST IMPORTANT thing we can DO is NOT LET UP the pressure. They didnt let up on Daisy, Page, or their families.
      This page has been the highlight of my day

  7. I live in Warrensburg, home of University of Central Missouri. Believe me, everyone in town knows about this creep. It started with the story in the KC Star yesterday, which was talked about in small groups at area churches. It quickly spread around the campus, with warnings to the student body. Today it was all over Facebook, with his picture included, with brightly posted titles like “WARNING!” or “THIS IS WHAT A RAPIST LOOKS LIKE”.

    I’m glad . Something needs to be done. I don’t see him staying on this campus much longer-probably not even making it to Homecoming. (October 26)

    As to football in Maryville, no way it’s going anywhere. Northwest MO State University in Maryville is a legend in DII football-they even have a documentary about it. And they recruit some of their players locally, right from Maryville. Maybe someone needs to find out if any of the involved went to Maryville (I believe the guy who recorded it is at NWMSU right now) and start putting pressure on the school.

    Also, there is a protest for Daisy scheduled for next week. Though many of the readers here cannot attend, stop by the Facebook page and leave a message of support-it’s open to the public-and then share the info on your walls.

    Finally, there are a number of threads on Democratic Underground with even more information, including links to the grandfather and a timeline of the events. It’s all on the front page with the greatest threads.

    • Wow…..of all the pages I have found, this site has had the most concise information provided by webmaster and in the comments. Everyone who has contributed information should know they have helped the cause by educating the public. As a mother, former college student, and victim of a violent crime, I am touched and thankful to know there are men, as well as women, who will not tolerate this disgusting, sick behavior by guys like Matthew Barnett. Sickos like him usually don’t just hurt females, they almost always have a history, sometimes secretly, if hurting animals and other males (via bullying ).
      Thank you to all of the people here and I will help put the pressure on and have my friends, family, teen daughter and teen son’s friends be made aware of this rapist and his alleged crimes and the names of his supporters. They should all run in shame…….like they did to Daisy and Page….now they will be hounded in legal ways that are expressions of freedom if speech and thoughts.

  8. Living in KC, I noticed few of the threads where making it to Maryville community pages. Remembering my Parents where from St Joseph, they have friends on facebook/linkedIn living in Maryville. A simple message to these people who where not as tech savy and a few descriptions of how to post this link turned out to be time very well spent. I hope others may fit my situation and do the same!

  9. Wow- so Shelby Golightly who said that Daisy was a skank and deserved what happened to her…her mother posted this on Oct 5th. Apparently rape is fine, but don’t you dare steal a iphone- now THAT’S a felony.

    Rachel Golightly

    October 5.

    FYI: Stealing someone’s I phone is a FELONY… because they cost $600. I am posting this so maybe young people who think its no big deal to steal phones will think twice. 2 NW students will now be considered “felons” for the rest of their lives because of their insensitive, greedy and selfish decision to steal my phone yesterday. It is very sad. It is also unbelievable to me that kids these days have no compassion or moral sense of helping strangers out. Instead, they look at someone’s misfortune as an opportunity to benefit themselves. Now these girls will forever have to pay the consequences. WOW

    • OMG……this woman is shaming iPhone thieves??

      Time to pull some favors and look into the Golightly clans past criminal, civil, and domestic history…..skeletons in their closets? Truly mind boggling….,

  10. I would like to suggest that you do not contact any of the boys’ siblings. They are not responsible for what their brothers did and sending them messages makes you no better than the people who tormented Daisy’s brothers. You should keep your attentions focused on the real culprits: the boys involved, the attorney, the vet clinic owner, the grandfather of Barnett, etc. This is a horrible situation and I feel for the girls and their families. It is an unfortunate fact in this country that sometimes name and community status will get you more than facts and the law. Shame on the Nodaway County Prosecutor, he has not upheld the oath of his office and I hope he has to resign under the pressure of this investigation.

    • The entire Barnett family has used their community ties to harass and slander the Colemans. I do think contacting Malorie is fair game. They all share a role in this.

      • I agree….unfortunately the who,e Barnett family is hiding secrets of their golden child. This reminds me of the Dominick Dunne book A Season in Purgatory… rapes and kills teen girl he took to dance….covered up by well-connected family nd the WHOLE family tried to ruin young an who knew about it and years later went to police

  11. In all fairness – you should revise “the entire town turned against her” because several articles out there point to a town divided and I just read a comment on the UCM facebook page where someone from the town was pointing that out – there is a large group that have been supporting Daisy in this from day 1 – so maybe half the town is more accurate. Remember – that tool Sheriff White blames the “200 witnesses” coming forward for Daisy- probably lots of kids in school that saw the iphone video – for ruining the case. I guess forensic evidence doesn’t count in MO.

  12. Accused rapist’s buddy Trey Maughan (#Trey3maughan) responded to the allegations with the following Tweet: “@TheClingyGF: Hey, I just met you, if you don’t date me, you’ll go to prison, I’ll say you raped me.” He also celebrated the boys’ release in March 2012, saying “justice prevailed” and admitting that he cautioned Jordan Zech not to use Facebook to “say anything that can get ourselves to trouble.” His Twitter is also full of derogatory comments that are very telling of how Maryville boys think about women (“SheWantsTheeDick: If she picks you in duck duck goose, she wants the D”)

  13. Sent messages where I could so far. I tried to see if facebook had any pages up for Maryville that I could comment on. I was surprised to see that no one has made a facebook page in support of the Colemans. I’d make one, but I know I wouldn’t have the time to keep up on it and make sure content is up to date. So if someones got the time you should make a page in support of the Colemans and to spread awareness of Matt Barnett.

    • There’s a rally on FB for her on Oct 22 in Nodaway County. Just look up Justice For Daisy and you should find it-it’s run by Courtney Cole. (That might help you too-she organizes rallies for women’s rights in Missouri.)

  14. THANK YOU for this page. Thank you. Seriously. I yelped and emailed old man Barnett. I think the rest of the pages you linked are down (strong work.)

    The eyes of the world are now upon Maryville and I can only hope that there is some punishment for this crime. How unfortunate I feel to be a woman in America.

  15. Just an update: no one has seen Barnett on campus for a few days. Rumor has it that he probably went home for the weekend,the article was released on Sunday, and he never returned.
    Also, wanted to point out that he’s not an athlete at UCM. His name appears nowhere on the roster for the football team. It’s not because of what happened-I have the preseason media guide and it doesn’t appear there either.
    Finally, the school says they cannot expel him unless he does something wrong. Since charges were dropped he’s considered innocent in the eyes of the law. Everyone in town knows that they will find every reason-LEGAL reason-to expel him. It might take a few weeks but the missing classes alone should do it. Not only that but they’ve made no attempt to hide that he is a student on campus. Why? To let the students themselves take care of the situation. If everyone stares at him in class, in the cafeteria, whispers as he walks by, avoids him, ignores him and overall shuns him he’ll drop out on his own in record time. And yes, everyone knows who he is and what he did.

    • One thing they did do, though, is remove him and his contact info from the student directory. I don’t know, exactly, what that move means.

      • Either he’s being protected, withdrawing or he’s been asked to leave.

        They won’t make him leave over the rape, since it was dropped. Legal would tell them not to go that route. Instead, you know they’ve pulled his file and went over it with a fine-tooth comb. Every skipped class, every bad grade will be accumulated and used against him. UCM has a policy that all freshmen and sophomores must live on campus. (There are exceptions but he wouldn’t fall under them.) If you drop before a certain amount of hours you can be asked to leave the dorms, which means that you’ll be asked to leave the school. Personally, that’s the route I think they’ll take .

  16. An article from the local online paper.
    “While millions of people nationwide are expressing outrage over alleged cases of sexual assault that reportedly occurred during a teenage house party in Maryville 21 months ago, many folks in this town appear to be experiencing a different emotion. Fear.”

    Hmm, fear. I’d imagine that’s pretty close to what the victims felt as well. Sorry, I have a hard time feeling sorry for many folks in this town. The article describes a lot of hand wringing and “What are we supposed to do about it?” attitudes.

    • I’m pretty grossed out by this response. The mayor and counsel may very well have no power in this situation, but they could at least give they condolences to the Colemans and lambast the DA office. Instead they’re just OK the cycle of abuse that pushed the Colemans out of Maryville.

      I said just this in a comment on your article link, but they didn’t publish it. Maryville doesn’t want any discourse about this situation. They just want it gone.

  17. And it just keeps getting viler. This kind of acceptance of violence is so hard to see, but the hypocrisy is even worse.

    Kelsey Jackson post on Twitter in support of the rapists, claiming someone should check their facts.

    Yet on her Facebook page she’s asking for people to support domestic violence awareness month with the tag, “Because love shouldn’t hurt.”!/kelsey.jackson.543?fref=browse_search

    • And it’s gone. Her reply to my questioning was simply, “LOL”

      Why was it okay to violate a woman? “LOL”
      Why was it okay to toss her out like trash in freezing temps? “LOL”
      Why was it okay to shame her after she shared her story? “LOL”

      Thank goodness for screenshots and the Internet’s long memory, Brynda Cotton Howell. Your warped sense of humor will haunt you.

  18. With Lt. Gov. Kinder and Republican House Speaker Tim Jones asking for an investigation, I really hope true action is in the works.

  19. Today is Dec 13th 2016
    I live in Scotland. Edinburgh.
    I have just watched the documentary on Netflix.
    Mathew Barnett is indeed guilty along with all other accomplices.

    Daisy and Paige are strong individuals who should never give up this fight.

    I personally would have cut his genitals off his body and rammed them down his throat. Watching him choke

    Karma is a very funny thing. And although he thinks he has gotten away with this disgusting crime; time tells all.

    God bless you girls all over the globe who deal with these hen opus crimes and have no justice x

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